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From left to right, Coach Chris Overfelt, Matthew Carter, Ryan Towles, Garrett Abshire, Ryan Lyles and Tanner Pruzan.

His son, Matthew, a senior at the Burton Center for Arts & Technology (BCAT), is currently a member of Team Vibrant Performance, the school’s Motorsports Engine Building Team.

“My dad and I are similar in so many ways. It’s because of him that I’ve been into racing and competing in different ways. We were born with racing in our blood, and it’s stuck ever since,” Matthew said. “Because of my dad, I have been around engines my whole life. If it wasn’t for him drag racing for those years, I’m not sure exactly where I would be at in this point in time. He has taught me so much from engines to racing, farming and just being an all-around great person.”

Matthew joined the school’s engine building team because he enjoys competing, maximizing his talents and earning scholarship money for college. In the last two years, he has earned approximately $28,500.

Last month, Team Vibrant Performance participated in the Annual Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Building Championship in Indianapolis, Indiana.

While there,…

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