Clover Lick resident Jeanne Castellini was thrilled when she received her private pilot’s license after logging hundreds of hours of air time. Present when she received her official paperwork were, from left: instructor Phillip Doolittle, Jeanne Castellini, Dan Castellini, and Don Judy, who went with Jeanne on her final test flight. Photo courtesy of Jeanne Castellini

Suzanne Stewart
Staff Writer

They say you’re never too old to learn new things, and Clover Lick resident Jeanne Castellini took that to heart in 2018 when she, at age 70, decided to get her private pilot’s license.

Castellini is no stranger to planes. Her husband, Dan, has been a licensed pilot for more than 40 years – and the pair own an A36 Beachcraft Bonanza, which they often use to visit their children in Iowa, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Castellini’s friends had been telling her she needed to get her license, but what changed her mind was learning about a harrowing experience a Florida friend had while flying.

“When he was flying back to his home with his wife, he had a heart attack,” Castellini said. “He was able to land the plane, but ended up having surgery and…

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