Liz Kirchner joined the News Messenger/Radford News Journal in Sept. 2017 as the Community News editor of these two hyperlocal papers. The papers’ circulation is around 10,000 making it, interestingly, about the size of its own small town.

Liz Kirchner

Telling the small stories that make the big story, as Community News editor, Liz reported on square dancing, town council meetings, art, economic development, history, crime, tiny houses, farms, schools, cat colonies, libraries and cemeteries — the worlds within worlds that make a community.

She came to the paper by way of science writing in the US and abroad specializing in stories and long-form narrative about culture, landscape, history, and the environment. She wrote about heirloom apples in England, indigo production and trade routes in Mexico, and honey production in the hedgerows of Virginia. She sees…

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