The nonprofit agency, Animal Friends of Doggy Sods, working to facilitate the happy and healthy transition of pets lacking a forever home is entering into its second year of existence.  In total, the nonprofit helped save 57 animals this year.

A Doggy Sods’ success.

Maggie Brown, owner of Joey’s Bed and Bones dog boarding and daycare, is also the director of the nonprofit.  Raised in Tucker County, Brown decided to begin the nonprofit after a rescuing a donkey (of all the animals!) in Tucker County.

Even though most of the dogs come from Tucker and Preston Counties, the dogs end up traveling far and wide after leaving the doors of Animal Friends of Doggy Sods.  Families from New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, and Texas came to West Virginia to adopt from the nonprofit.  Brown lists animals on, which works as a middle party between interested adopters and agencies.

In addition to the 57 dogs she helped find homes, Brown managed two…

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