A wizard riding a unicorn and a monkey riding a lion were among the many intriguing parade entries at this year’s Shanghai Parade. Sarah Richardson photo

The streets were packed on both sides with families eager to grab candy thrown from the floats and to catch a glimpse of locals struttin’ their stuff down Washington Street. Lasting for 41 minutes, with 58 entries, the parade was chock-full of great floats, walkers, and more.

The winners of the parade are as follows:

Antique Car

  1. #44 Cliff Baker “Where’s the Snow”
  2. #78 Bill and Gloria Martin ‘29 Ford
  3. #77 John Dorsey “Rat Rod”


  1. #86 Charlie & Jeri Gillispie- Gavin- Black Clydesdale
  2. #95 WV Renaissance Festival
  3. #89 Kelly Arfsten “Elf and Friends”


  1. #79 Goodladd Dogs- Janine Lazarus
  2. #83 Lieselotte Heil “Hobbs and Snow Bear”
  3. #82 Richard Grist “Walking dog”

Best Dressed Farm Equipment

  1. #55 Lindsey Sears/Chester Loudermilke ‘52 Ford 8N


  1. #85 “Old Mother Hubbard”- Gene Beard and friends
  2. #54 “Service Above Self”- Jerry & Linda Clemons
  3. #80 “Bike Built for Three”- Brian De Rowen


  1. #74 Debbie Yates 103.1 The Bear


  1. #41 Miss Shanghai…

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