Photo by Shawn Nowlin
Mac & Bob’s filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September. Since then, co-owner Bob Rotanz says business has increased by roughly ten percent.

When faced with a class-action suit in September, Rotanz and co-owner Jim Dishaw were forced to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Donations from the community not only allowed Mac & Bob’s to remain open, but it also allowed overall business sales to increase by roughly ten percent.

Longtime friend Frank Cotter created a GoFundMe page in September to assist Mac & Bob’s with the legal costs.

“When Frank created the page, we had just figured out what all of the legal fees would be, which was about $100,000. He said that he can help take care of that, and my initial response was ‘you’re pretty confident Frank,’” Rotanz said. “I thought it would take weeks to raise the money that we needed. It ended up only taking two days. In addition to the money outside of the GoFundMe page, we are going to use leftover funds to help students with their college tuition.”

Located at 316 E Main Street, Mac & Bob’s has proven to be much more than just a community restaurant since opening in 1981. As a…

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