Pamela Irvine, FASWVA CEO (right), describes the importance of the new Mobile Meals to Feed the Hungry vehicle alongside Alan Ronk (center), President and CEO of the Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia and Michelle Eberly (left), Director of Grants and Donor Engagement for the Foundation.
Photo by Amanda Allen

Between May and August of last year, FASWVA served approximately 19,000 meals to children as part of its summer reading program.

On Tuesday, December 18, Feeding America of Southwest Virginia unveiled its new Mobile Meals vehicle at its Community Solutions Center in Roanoke. Courtesy of the Community Foundation, the vehicle will help deliver approximately 500 meals that the center produces every day.

“I got involved with Feeding America three years ago because I was seeking a new opportunity for myself. Something that has always been important to me is contributing in whatever way that I can,” Allen said. “Last summer, we were doing about 500 meals a day, Monday through Friday. During the summer, we were transporting so many meals that we had to rent vehicles to be more efficient and productive.”

The funds for the vehicle were donated…

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