Rickie Fulcher
Jane Scales Fulk

Rickie Fulcher, who is set to take over the helm as chairman in January, said the county must first identify “who it is and who it wants to be and what direction do we want our county to go.”

He said that priorities must be identified and set in economic development, tourism and other entities.

Once that process is complete, “we can get the EDA, tourism,” the Town of Stuart and others on the same page and working together toward common goals, Fulcher, of the Peters Creek District, said. “It’s going to take everybody working together to accomplish” goals.

For example, “do we need a full-blown hospital? No, but we need something,” Fulcher said, adding that when that ‘something’ is identified, the county can move forward in making it a reality.

The hospital is one among many issues, he said, adding that overall, “it is going to be an interesting year.”

Jane Scales Fulk, who will serve as vice chairman in 2019, said she is hopeful broadband service will saturate the county, providing a much needed service to residents as well as business owners and potential businesses.

She also said she would like to see…

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