The lineup begins at 11 a.m. on Lee Street. The parade will begin at 12 noon and will be led by the annual Volunteer of the Year and capped off with the annual Super Duper Pooper Scooper.

Join in the 150-year tradition. Get dressed up in your own wacky costume and walk with many others in this unique, extemporaneous parade. Participants are required to sign up the morning of the parade, lining up on Lee Street for the festive jaunt to Church Street along the Washington Street route. Prizes will be awarded in several categories, in addition to a crisp $2 bill awarded to all of the parade’s participants. Organizers encourage everyone who wants to, to join in the fun!

Parade Route: Washington Street from Lee Street to Church Street. The Judge’s Stand is on Washington Street at City Hall.

Parking: No on street parking is allowed on the parade route the morning of Jan. 1. Residents of Lee Street and Washington Street to Greenbrier Road are also requested not to park on Lee Street the morning of Jan. 1.

Categories and Prizes:

Animal/Animal Drawn: 1st- $55, 2nd- $35, 3rd- $25.

Antique Car/Classic: 1st- $55, 2nd- $35, 3rd- $25.

Equestrian: 1st- $55, 2nd- $35,…

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