Richard Bailey selected to represent the Fincastle District.

Leffel was chair of the Board and represented the Fincastle District. He died at the age of 74 on Dec. 4 during emergency heart surgery.
“Jack Leffel was a wonderful person,” Bailey said. “He was a friend. He gave a lot of himself to the county,” he said. “Big shoes to fill. I look forward to the challenge.”
He explained that he has a lot to learn, but is looking forward to the challenge.
“It’s a great honor to be a representative of the Fincastle District,” Bailey, a Republican, said.
Bailey noted how good the county has been to his family as the primary reason why he wanted to serve in public office.
He attended Virginia Tech for his undergraduate degree in animal science, as well as for veterinary school.
He returned to the county in 1988. He founded the Botetourt Veterinary Hospital and ran it for over 24 years. He eventually sold the practice to one of his associates, but still works there on a part-time basis.
Bailey will represent the Fincastle District until next November at which time he will have to seek reelection, something that he eagerly plans to do.
He already has…

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