The property, which once housed the old Maxwelton school, was offered by the Greenbrier County Board of Education (BOE) for $240,000, which the county will use to extend 911 Center services.

Prior to the vote, a threatening letter from BOE attorney Jason Long very nearly soured the deal. In terse terms, Long’s letter affirmed that he was directed by the board to inform the commission to put the proposed contract for action on the agenda of the next possible commission meeting. If not done so, the contract agreement would be rescinded. And, further, if the contract was not approved by a majority vote, then the 911 Center would have to vacate the premises.

“In other words,” said Commissioner Mike McClung, “he’s telling us, if [we] don’t buy it, [they] won’t put it up for sale.”

The county has had a long-standing lease agreement with the BOE to house the 911 Center on the Maxwelton property for a dollar a year lease for 15 years, with five year extensions thereafter. That was in 1998, 20 years ago. When approached by the board to purchase the land, the county, needing to expand the 911 Center, was amenable to a possible purchase agreement. After…

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