Wren Williams, of Schneider & Williams, P.C. and the squad’s attorney, said Alex McNabb was placed on “immediate unpaid leave” effective Monday night, pending the conclusion of the state’s investigation.

Marian Hunter, public relations coordinator for the Virginia Department of Health’s Office of Emergency Medical Services, confirmed the investigation was launched following an anonymous complaint submitted on Nov. 26.

The investigation can take up to 60 days to complete, Hunter said.

“Since this is an active and open investigation, no additional details can be shared at this time,” she said in an emailed statement.

“I have never once been contacted by the Office of Emergency Services about an ongoing investigation,” said Derek Wagner, the squad’s captain.

Both Williams and Wagner said they learned about the investigation over the weekend from a media outlet.

News of the investigation was included in a story that was published by “The Huffington Post” on Saturday.

“It’s frustrating that we had to find out via “The Huffington Post,” Williams said.

The story alleges that McNabb, 35, is “a white supremist podcaster” and a…

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