GEHS pre-engineering students give a presentation with students from Brazil, pictured on-screen.
This diorama represents the re-imagined outdoor space to be installed at the Anglo School.

Project Director and instructor Kevin Warfield is overseeing the international design project, where a team of students from GEHS are partnering with students from the Anglo School in Sorocaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil, to re-imagine an outdoor space at the Anglo School.

This update follows plans stemming from discussions held between the two schools in 2016, when Anglo School representatives eagerly responded after Warfield reached out with the collaboration idea. The ultimate goal between the two schools is to transform a 5,000-square-foot outdoor space at the Anglo School into a social and recreation area using recycled materials. The design incorporates unusual materials, such as wooden pallets and tires, and transforms them into useful pieces for the space.

Students presented miniature replicas of their outdoor layouts, which will later be upgraded into life-sized versions before being finalized. It’s expected that the plans will begin to…

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