2018 Outstanding Citizenship award presented to James R. Shough by Kevin Reynolds, chairman of Citizenship committee (left), and David Clement, president of the club. (Contributed photo.)

“Our recipient of this year’s award is a person who goes above and beyond what is expected of your average citizen. He has a huge heart for others in the community, especially the elderly, veterans, and the needy,” club members said at the annual awards banquet.

As the sixth child in a family of seven, Shough learned at an early age that everyone has a job to do to make things work. He was raised in the Patrick Springs Pentecostal Holiness Church, where he continues to be an active member, and grew up in a home where God’s word was read and His values were taught; where hard work and respect for others was expected.

Even though he was required to do his chores, like cutting and bringing in wood, working in the garden, moving and helping to keep the family car clean, Shough also was expected to keep good grades at school.

With all these responsibilities, he also played baseball and basketball during his high school years at Hardin Reynolds Memorial School. His…

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