Out of an abundance of caution, the Town of Christiansburg is offering free credit monitoring to certain individuals after a data security incident earlier this year.

On Oct. 26, 2018, computer forensics revealed that three Town of Christiansburg employee email accounts were compromised following a phishing email sent to Town staff in May, June and September. The email accounts impacted contained some personally identifiable information of members of the public, but there is no evidence to date that any of that information has been misused. Upon learning that the accounts were compromised, the log in information for all employee accounts was changed and has been constantly monitored by computer forensics. The Town also contacted law enforcement to report the incident.

“To reiterate, based on the Town’s investigation, we are not aware of any activity that has impacted individuals as a result of this incident,” Town Manager Randy Wingfield said. “However, if scammers have plans to misuse that information, we wanted to act fast and be transparent throughout this process.”

Letters have been sent to affected individuals to inform them that their information was contained in one of the accounts. Those 909 individuals will be offered complimentary credit monitoring at the Town’s expense. The credit monitoring helps detect possible misuse of personal information and provides those individuals with identity protection support focused on immediate…

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