There are moments while observing the trajectory of an individual’s career when an indelible work ethic and tenacity are evident.  Dian Shifflet’s career in the Tucker County school system displays those qualities.

Shifflet received two awards, one from the state and one from the county, recognizing her tireless efforts as an indispensable employee.

She currently works as a teacher’s aide in Crystal Hardy’s kindergarten class at Tucker Valley Elementary Middle School.

Shifflet began her work in the school system as a substitute in 2009.  In February of 2012, she was hired as a full time custodian.  She worked that position at Davis Thomas and then at Tucker Valley.

When a position as a teacher’s aide in the preschool opened up, Shifflet took it.  From there, she was hired as a special education aide at Tucker Valley.  After two years as an aide, her position was cut.

So many changes and trials would discourage…

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