Greenbrier County Commission President Woody Hanna stated that the county’s offer of $50,000 to New River Community and Technical College to settle the $1 million swimming pool litigation suit had been rejected as of that evening. “It’s my feeling,” he said, “to accept the college’s counter offer of $75,000.” Hanna, a former teacher, said he would rather give the money to the college than to lawyers, and it was high time the county and the college begin again to “work together.”

Commissioner Lowell Rose expressed agreement, stating he’d also like to work with the board of education and the college, but without good faith shared between the two entities, there would be little chance for communal development.

“I want everybody on the same page,  he said. “I don’t want to fight anymore.”

The subject of this conflict is an unused and unneeded indoor pool, located in what is now called the Kyle and Ann Fort Arts & Sciences Building on the college’s Lewisburg campus. Six years ago, the pool building was gifted to the county and a project was proposed to have the county commission contribute $1.3 million in hotel-motel bed tax funds toward repairs and renovations to be made by the college, and then “the aquatic center” would be…

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