Noah Smith

Noah Smith of Talcott was born in 2015 with a life threatening heart condition called Tetralogy of Fallot. He was diagnosed with four heart defects, including a hole in his heart and an obstruction from the heart to the lungs, plus other complications which required that he have life changing surgery before the age of one year. When Noah was barely weeks old he had his first heart surgery to have a shunt inserted so his pulmonary arteries could pass proper blood flow to his lungs and throughout his body. What was supposed to be a four or five hour surgery turned into almost nine hours. “I look at him and I see a miracle in more ways than one,” Noah’s mother, Tonya, wrote in a GoFundMe account created to raise funds for Noah’s heart surgery at the time.

Oct. 15, 2018, was Noah’s third birthday, and marked a huge celebration of three years fighting and winning against congenital heart defects, or CHD.  Noah’s parents Marvin and Tonya Smith, together with Noah’s older brother Blake, continue to provide Noah with the specialized care he needs. “He is full of life and wonder,” states his mother.

But the family struggles to stay ahead of travel and hotel expenses for Noah’s frequent and sometimes lengthy stays at Children’s…

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