“It was without our knowledge, discussion or involvement,” said Dr. Angeline Godwin, president of PHCC. “PHCC was put into this discussion, and it was represented that we were going to do something with no discussion from us and now, it’s like we’re the ones standing in the way of reopening the hospital.”

Boyce raised the issue at the Nov. 19 meeting of the Patrick County Board of Supervisors, but Godwin said she first heard murmurs about the issue “a number of weeks ago through the grapevine. It was being represented that PHCC” would relocate their nursing and EMT/Paramedic programs to leased space in the Patrick hospital.

Godwin said she did not respond to those murmurings. However, she was later asked about the issue by Ron Haley, the chairman of PHCC’s Foundation Board of Directors.

Haley, who also serves on the Patrick County Economic Development Authority Board, relayed to Godwin that Boyce had represented PHCC would relocate the programs to the local hospital and asked if that was accurate.

“I told him unequivocally there had been no conversations with me and my administration and that we had made no such” assertions, Godwin…

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