By Amanda Collins

Town Manager Terry Tilley said that he will call other surrounding localities to determine the amount they require for a utility deposit and present those figures to council at the next meeting.

Susan Slate, Clerk/Treasurer, said the current deposit isn’t enough to cover outstanding bills. Slate said town officials may want to revisit the 75 days limit to pay or increase the fee.

Currently, the town charges a $15 fee to shut off water, then another $15 fee for hookup.

Chris Corbett, Town Attorney, said that if council advises him to, a lien can be taken out on any customer that has an outstanding balance, especially the ones that have had utilities cut off.

Tilley said that property owners renting houses out have been told that the utilities will not be cut back on until all outstanding utility bills have been paid. If a renter picks up and leaves, the property owner is responsible to pay the outstanding bill.

Other items discussed at the meeting:

  • Tilley said that five or six contractors attended the pre-bid meeting for the Stuart Volunteer Fire Department project. He said he let them in the building,…

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