Pam Dudding
Contributing writer

Vietnam was a time of controversy, both in America and overseas. Many soldiers that served never set their foot back on American soil. Many others simply were not welcomed back.

Billy Lee, front with the cigarette, served in the United States Marine Corps during Vietnam. He and his comrades were on alert most of the time, keeping the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) from crossing enemy lines.

“I left for the Marine Corp at 19-years-old,” said Billy Lee at the recent Veterans Day Assembly at Craig County High School. “I was one of the oldest in Vietnam, as most were only 18. In fact, if you reached 20, we usually called you ‘grandpa.’”

He said that he and Danny McPherson joined together on the ‘buddy plan,’ “We went through boot camp and didn’t see each other again until four years later.”

Lee explained to the students that he was called a ‘grunt,’ which means an infantryman.

“Our patrol was on the DMZ which was the zone that divided north, and South Vietnam. We patrolled these zones trying to catch the enemy before they crossed over.”

Later, Billy said that all others were taken out of that area except…

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