One of which is a project aimed at placing cameras around the city to “improve the safety of its citizens,” according to the President of Greenbrier Technologies and Electric Bill Lenherr. The company won the project with a bid of $32,685.51. Cameras will be installed at various locations around White Sulphur Springs, and the police will be able to view the video feeds in real time.

A second major project bid was awarded to Greenbrier Electric for the purpose of installing a generator, at a total cost of $189,961. The funds will come from a state program, at not the city directly.

In other news, the first reading of a new building code ordinance was held, and passed. The ordinance would adopt the state building code regarding construction of new structures and maintenance to older buildings. Most surrounding municipalities have already adopted similar codes, and White Sulphur Springs will now be on the same page. According to White Sulphur Springs city attorney Fred Giggenbach, “52 municipalities have adopted the state building code. It has parameters on how to build and construct buildings with the municipality.” He went on to explain how the property maintenance parameters will work, citing an example involving a “not quite deteriorated”…

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