Photo by Marty Gordon
Christiansburg leaders and artist Dave Mann (flannel shirt) stand near a new mural on the front of the town’s police department along Main Street. The art symbolizes the diversity in local community policing.

Marty Gordon


A one of a kind mural is now hanging on the outside of the Christiansburg Police Department building.

Friday, local leaders revealed what they hope will be the beginning of art throughout the town. Police Chief Mark Sisson said the piece was a perfect example of what his department hopes to project around the community.

Dave Mann is the artist of “Uni-Diversity.” He spent almost a month working on the project on what he called a representation of the racial and ethnic makeup of the community.

Mann received a $1,000 stipend from the town as part of the commission to paint the mural. He then turned around and donated the funds to two of his favorite entities—the Christiansburg Institute and New River Stage.

Mann caught the art bug at a very young age, growing up in a small town in West Virginia.

“I soon found that I enjoyed the positive comments which I received as I tried to copy the Peanuts characters of Charles Schultz from the Sunday comics. I continued drawing cartoons through high school and was even voted ‘most talented’ in my senior class,” he said.

Once he was hired by the U.S. Postal Service in his mid-twenties and began to raise a family, he only occasionally…

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