Gateway plans to build another high tunnel to raise vegetables for sale, some of which will also go to local food banks. City Manager Reba Mohler said the site, which has been closed and abandoned since the flood, will no longer be used as a community garden with Gateway’s take-over. “This is a fantastic program for Gateway’s clients,” Mayor David Smith said. A motion to approve the contract was unanimous.

In other city business:

• Council approved a motion to work with the WV Municipal League in requesting the legislators and Governor Jim Justice pass and sign legislation removing the sunset date in WV Code 8-1-5A to make the Home Rule Program a permanent one in West Virginia. The Home Rule Pilot Program has been used successfully with current participating municipalities, allowing innovative and progressive problem solving at the local level, empowering the municipal citizen and placing local control at the local level. The City of Ronceverte seeks the opportunity to join should and when the governing body chooses to do so.

• The parks and recreation commission rejected two bids for a maintenance contract for Island Park at a recent meeting. Both bids were too high, coming in at $16,000 and $14,600 to mow the park fields.

The city was paying…

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