The bucks can be seen in fields sparring and attempting to spark with the does. Around the neighborhoods, pumpkins and straw scarecrows festoon doorways in celebration of the festive holiday season.

But, come one sunny afternoon, another sign of fall arrives as many front porches are suddenly aswarm with hundreds of ladybugs flitting about mindlessly, and all trying to get inside your house. Starting in October and on through April, they show up, especially on warm sunny days. Once ladybugs penetrate the home, they tend to mass on the ceilings and crawl around the windows seeking places to hibernate over winter. They typically return year after year, knowing they’ve got a good site to rest. Pheromones released by past ladybugs are detected by future generations. Also, the color of a home and the location are important factors. They tend to choose light colored homes that are nestled in forest or wooded areas. Homeowners have reported sinus problems due to these infestations.

But, these beetles are not native ladybugs – they are Asian Lady Beetles, officially called the Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle (Harmonia Axyridis), and they bite – worse, they stink. Today, these beetles have become a statewide pest. Fortunately, ladybugs are not…

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