Sheriff Wilfong announcing election results

By Heather Clower
The Parsons Advocate

Nerves and tension was imminent amongst those awaiting the results of the ballots casted by local voters. Friends and family of the local candidates mingled as the precinct numbers trickled in and the standings were posted. This election has become one of the bigger elections to take place on not only a local level with the county commissioner race, but also amongst the state representatives that consists of a Tucker County native Cory Chase.

Diane Hinkle, incumbent President of County Commission, was joined by her husband Scott. Hinkle was asked if she was glad this election process will soon come to an end, to which she responded, “I am, it’s been a long year”. When asked if looking back, would she change anything, Hinkle responded “I don’t think, I think I did my best. I went door to door, attended public events, talked to people individually, and been very transparent…

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