Reppin’ the colors atop the Moon(rocks).  Photo Courtesy of Kent Mason.

West Virginia Land Trust (WVLT) and Vandalia Heritage Foundation are engaged in an option agreement or contract for the 860 acre tract that includes Moon and Hoodoo Rocks.  This agreement gives WVLT the right to purchase the property, which the land trust is calling the Yellow Creek Preserve, at an agreed upon price and future transaction date.

“We are in the throes of fundraising right now to come up with the funds to purchase that property,” WVLT Program Manager Ashton Berdine said. Berdine stated the land trust is relying on grant funding requests and individual contributions to raise the funds.

“We were able to have a conversation with Vandalia Heritage Foundation, and we came to an agreement on a price,” he said.  Without stating specific numbers, Berdine stated Vandalia was “very gracious” with the agreed price.  “They are doing the community a favor with their…

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