By Jaynell Graham
Pocahontas Times

The Honorable Margaret L. Workman, chief justice of the Supreme Court of Appeals, pursuant to Rule 2.14 of the Rules of Judicial Disciplinary Procedure, presented to the Court a report received from Brian J. Lanham, deputy counsel for the Judicial Investigation Commission against Pocahontas County Magistrate Carrie E. Wilfong. The order states that the Court is of the opinion that there is probable cause to believe Wilfong has become unable or unwilling to perform her official duties.

Pursuant to Rule 2.14(d)(2) of the Rules of Judicial Disciplinary Procedure, it was ordered that Wilfong be suspended without pay as of Oct. 13, and is prohibited from hearing any further civil or criminal matters or performing any other judicial functions pending the outcome of the process.

Wilfong has the right to request a hearing.

It was further ordered that the matter be remanded to the Judicial Investigation Commission for the filing of formal charges and proceedings pursuant to Rules 2.7(d) and 4 of the Rules of Judicial Disciplinary Procedure.

This order was entered by the court Oct. 4.

The effective date of Wilfong’s…

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