County Commission President Woody Hanna swearing in Greenbrier County’s new 911 Director David Michael ‘”Mike” Honaker.

David Michael “Mike” Honaker was introduced by Commission President Woody Hanna before a sizable gathering in the courtroom, Honaker’s family, wife Melissa, son Matthias, 20, daughter Maddison, 14, plus his mother and sister.

Born in Greenbrier County, Honaker, 52, is described by a former school-mate as “a class act guy” with a solid background for the job ahead of him. He played football when he attended Greenbrier East High School, then joined the Marines in the mid-’80s, and later was a border patrol officer in Texas and most recently served eight and a half years in Virginia with the state police, where he covered the Virginia Tech shootings and the Pentagon on 9-ll. “Experience counts,” he said. Add to the foregoing that Honaker is also a middle school coach and a church pastor, his experience appears to include a wide ranging skill set. Honaker said he was grateful for the opportunity and welcomed the challenge to serve as the new 911 director.

“How do you follow Al Whitaker’?” said Honaker, who has…

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