Dr. James Leipzig, right, shows how Mazor X works while Charlie Wilson, a Mazor Robotics Clinical
Sales Representative, looks on.

LewisGale in Salem is only the fifth hospital in the state to own such technology. Robotic guidance to facilitate the placement of pedicle screws during spinal surgery, according to Dr. James Leipzig, is a major advancement in technology. “Many surgeons use an open approach which utilizes anatomic landmarks and obtaining x-rays to check the position after they are placed,” said Dr. Leipzig who has been on the LewisGale Medical Staff since 1992.

“Before each surgery, we plan the procedure, learn all aspects of the patients’ anatomy from the incredible software and choose implant size, location, trajectories and so on.” Linda Richmond, an employee at the hospital for the last 12 years, is confident that the new robotic system will significantly reduce the overall surgery time.

“My hope for the Mazor X Robotic Guidance Platform is that we can expand on the surgeries that we use it for,” Richmond said. “I also hope that it helps each patient get better much quicker, and with less pain than the…

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