Charles Vivier said the County Administrator’s pay is more than $97,000 per year, but duties such as tourism and economic development were no longer part of his job description.

The County Attorney’s pay also increased, according to Vivier, who wondered if additional duties sparked the increase.

He also inquired about the date of the next audit, when preparations will get underway for the upcoming budget and said that while he understood the county’s Contingency Fund was tapped to keep taxes from increasing, “I don’t know if that’s good business,” Vivier said of forestalling a tax increase.

Steve Terry said he is angry about the influx of information regarding personnel issues.

“There’s something going on” but the practice of “see no evil” is rampant. “Why bother advertising out county when people read the paper and say, ‘why do I want to go there,’” he asked.

Terry also chastised the board, and said they as well as county personnel should be role models.

“I can see some signs here that something’s not right,” Terry said, adding those who shed light on the problems are likely to be receive a “public flogging for…

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