Bill Peterson and Victoria Weeks with the FarmFreshWV team accepting their award.

When the West Virginia Food and Farm Coalition approached Victoria Weeks, owner of Verglas Media, about the FarmFreshWV advertising campaign, she knew she had a unique opportunity to convey an important message.

“The thing about the FarmFreshWV campaign, not often do jobs come to us for all the different advertising elements to be done at once,” Victoria Weeks said.

The campaign intended to promote awareness of local farmers markets throughout the state and to increase sales.  Promotion through advertising was at the forefront.

“Not only did we need to make commercials but we needed to create a website to let them know where there market is,” Weeks said.

So Davis’ own Verglas Media set about assembling all those pieces that form a successful media campaign.  With additional support from Co-Producer Bill Peterson, Weeks created all the radio, television, and billboard…

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