Steve Frey
Contributing writer

Last Friday, Belle Heth Elementary held meetings for its four Houses: Compassion, Grit, Tenacious and Visionary.

Each House had its own separate meeting location, and students and staff quickly gathered for discussions, creativity and community building.

Based on “Harry Potter’s” Hogwarts School, each house has unique colors, chants, symbols, etc.

For Grit, the color is orange, its symbol is a dragon, and its chant is: “G-R-I-T, this is what I have in me.”

The students know it by heart, and the Grit teacher leaders for that day, Kayla Angle and Holly Billings, used the chant as a quick way to get the attention of the students after an activity.

The Grit House students also voted on and chose a new motto: “We are the fire that lights up the world!”

The Grit house students also practiced a new song. It began and ended with their chant and in…

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