Council members heard feedback from citizens about Ordinance 505.07, which bans livestock and other animals from residing within city limits. The council also passed a proclamation declaring Nov. 18-24, 2018 as Christian Heritage Week and made a vote on supporting Home Rule as a permanent program.

The meeting was largely dominated by discussion regarding Ordinance 505.07, which states that “no person shall keep, maintain, possess, or have any live animal or fowl enumerated in Section 505.05 on any property situated within municipal city limits.” It continues to say, “the purpose of this ordinance is to eliminate the presence of said animals and fowls within municipal city limits.” However, the document clarifies that any person who has previously been granted a permit for such animals may continue to keep them.

According to Mayor Bruce Bowling, this new language only varies slightly from the old ordinance. He says that fowl and other animals were already banned within city limits unless the owners applied for a special permit for them. The new ordinance simply removes the permit process, so no animals are permitted overall.

Several citizens attended the meeting to comment, including Dan Nuckols, who has previously spoken out in favor of keeping…

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