Geek Squad member working with a pupil. PHOTO BY MIKE STEVENS

In 2014, the Richfield, Minnesota, headquartered company created the Geek Squad Academy, a program that “provides an opportunity for students to develop tech skills, build selfconfidence, spark creativity and discover how technology can benefit them in their educational pursuits and in future careers.”

Last Wednesday and Thursday, the Geek Squad Academy came to Andrew Lewis Middle School to teach students about coding, digital literacy, online safety and digital music. Approximately 100 pupils participated in the two day tech education program which featured new computers and robots. Lauren Mabry, the school’s librarian, was thrilled to see students engage with professionals in the tech world.

“Technology surrounds us, and yet we receive minimal formal education regarding how to leverage it for educational purposes,” Mabry said. “The more that we can build technological and digital literacy alongside traditional literacy in schools, the better equipped our students will be to avoid pitfalls and take advantage of opportunities that come their way.” What separates Best Buy from other…

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