Students have been buying fewer meals in schools recently, so Montgomery County Public Schools has formed a partnership with Domino’s Pizza and its “smart slice” program in an effort to revive student participation.

Photo By Sam Wall
Students line up at Blacksburg High School to try the new Domino’s smart slices being offered at lunch. The school system has partnered with the pizza chain to increase student participation in the lunch program.

MCPS’s nutritional program sustains itself from the meals it sells and the reimbursement it receives from the federal free and reduced lunch program.

While federal funding has hovered around $2.3 million the last three years, revenue from breakfasts and lunches sold has decreased nearly $500,000 during that span.

MCPS spokesperson Brenda Drake said that the partnership with Domino’s is only the first of many initiatives aimed to increase participation.

“We are trying to figure out ways to get kids buying lunches in school again,” she said. “The pizza is the same price as what we’ve been buying and it falls within the USDA nutritional guidelines, so we see it as a win-win.”

The pizza is made with a whole-wheat crust, reduced-sodium sauce, low-fat cheese and students can either purchase cheese or turkey-pepperoni slices.

While the program is only in its infancy, it has already had early success at Blacksburg High School, the first school in the district to pilot the program.

It currently serves…

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