In a colorful classroom at McHarg Elementary School, Mrs. Sutphin’s second grade class joined the commonwealth to celebrate Virginia’s Farm-to-School Week by learning about, shucking and then lunching on locally grown ears of corn.

“Hello! I hope you are all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning,” Nutrition Director Connie Wood said to Sutphin’s class of 22 eight-year olds taking an ear of corn from a bushel box.

“Farmers are harvesting their corn right now. Who has seen corn in the fields around us?”

Arms shot up.

“I have! There’s corn by my house,” someone said.

“This corn is from a farm in Hillsville, Virginia not far away,” she said.

Wood organized the corn-husking event as part of the state’s Farm-to-School Week, a movement that has grown over the past decade and has reached millions of students across the United States.

In only four years, local…

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