Pictured is a study for the “Run for the Wall” mural.

Currently in development, the mural will be installed at Veteran’s Memorial Park on Main Street. The 76-feet long and 24-feet tall work of art features iconic American images, including a very large bald eagle, representations of all branches of the U.S. military, Harley Davidson motorcycles, and monuments in Washington, DC. The mural celebrates the town’s proud heritage of participating in the veterans’ motorcycle ride “Run For The Wall,” which began in 1989 by the Rolling Thunder organization and continued by the Run For The Wall organization for the last 29 years.

“It is our hope the mural will not only honor our military (past, present and future), but will acknowledge and be a way of saying thank you for their sacrifices to give our country the freedoms we all have today. The United States of America is a leader in world freedom and our youth of today is charged with the task of ensuring the red, white and blue continues to fly in honor of our military and the freedoms we all enjoy,” said Rainelle Mayor Andrea Pendleton.

Southern West Virginia Artist Tom Acosta, based in Kimball, started painting the mural last week near his McDowell County home. He has previously painted the…

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