Jaynell Graham

Ordinances are created to help maintain the health and well-being of a town and its residents, but with few employees and little manpower, lack of inspection and enforcement often undermines Marlinton Town Council’s ability to put what’s on paper to the pavement.

During Public Input at Monday night’s meeting, former councilmember Mark Strauss addressed council about a violation of the town’s ordinance as it pertains to RVs, as well as problems within the scope of the town’s fluid Animal Ordinance.

Strauss reported that, while campers parked and used as a residence on personal property without a permit are in violation of the town’s ordinance, nothing has been done about a camper on Second Avenue, which has been deemed uninhabitable, but continues to be inhabited.

“That camper is against the law,” Strauss said. “You are changing the ordinance, but you are not addressing this troubled piece of property.”

Strauss also advised council that dogs and cats are being mauled and killed on Second Avenue by dogs that are running loose.
“Council is worried about one part [of the Animal Ordinance],” Strauss said, “but…

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