The Slaty Fork Route 66 location is as friendly as its restaurant in Cass, but, rather than red and white, this dining room features blue and white checked tablecloths. It also sells flavors of fudge like its sister kitchen in Cass. In addition to 12 tables in the dining room, there are five for outdoor seasonal dining. L.D. Bennett photos

Laura Dean Bennett
Staff Writer

About 20 years ago, Beryl Minghini came to Pocahontas Coun-ty and established two Route 66 locations and the Why Not Shop.

The Route 66 Outpost in Cass, as well as the Slaty Fork location, were surely named for the road they sit beside, which is Route 66.

The shop has a convenient location, maybe a hundred yards from the Greenbrier River bridge.

Stepping inside, the first thing you notice is the charming red and white checked tablecloths in the dining area.

There’s a whole line of poly-resin decorative accent pieces featuring many mountain species – from bucks to bears – there are picture frames, welcome signs and animal figurines.

Wooden carved walking sticks, Frostmore Farm maple syrup, wind chimes, Swan Creek Candle Company scented candles, Old Crow soaps and cookbooks.


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