By Jaymie Bricker

Sandra Warren points to a photo of school’s marching band. (Photo by Jaymie Bricker.)

The plane circled Mabry’s Mill twice before it crashed, officials said.

Sandra Warren, of Michigan and author of “We Bought a WWII Bomber,” attended the ceremony. She said the pilot told her there were eight other stateside crashes on the same day, some 74 years ago.

The pilot of the B-17 in Meadows of Dan, Capt. Streadbeck, ordered his men to bail, Warren said. She added that his men were the only ones to survive.

First called a “flying fortress,” the plane had 15 caliber guns and the standard crew was 10, John Reynolds, of the Patrick County Historical Society, said. This crew included six men, due to the lack of need for gunmen, according to Reynolds.

Four of the six survivors landed about 14 miles away in nearby Willis.

One of the men, Maj. Michael Hogan, told Warren that he “never saw the ground until he hit it.”

Another, a first lieutenant, walked an hour and a half until he found a home to stop by. The home is now believed to be that of Jesse and Una Slaughter, of Willis, Warren said.

The Slaughters gathered people together to go out…

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