Suzanne Stewart
Staff Writer

With the possibility of receiving an International Mountain Bike Association [IMBA] Ride Center designation in the near future, Pocahontas County Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Cara Rose is focused on ensuring county businesses are ready for mountain bikers.

“It’s really important to Pocahontas County because mountain biking is such a big component to our tourism product,” Rose said of the IMBA designation.

“There’s about two hundred mountain bike trails identified – and likely more than that – in this county, and the great thing about becoming a Ride Center is we already have the product. We didn’t have to create a lot.”

While mountain biking is no strange thing in Pocahontas County, Rose said it is important that all businesses recognize that, with the designation, there will be an increase in bikers visiting the county who expect certain amenities to be available.

“We’re trying to prepare our business partners to become more mountain bike friendly,” she said, “Obviously, doing the things that make us a tourism destination is part of that, but there are a few more things that…

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