Matthew Ramsey performs at the 2017 Nashville
Night benefit for the BAMA Food Pantry.
Photo by Ed McCoy

The five accomplished songwriters will stage their “songwriters round” in the school’s new gym where there will be seating for 1,100.

The rounds have become popular fall concerts in Buchanan where Ramsey grew up and graduated from JRHS in 1996.

The songwriter rounds are regular events in Nashville, but it’s unique to have one go on the road, Ramsey said. During a round, the songwriters take turns singing songs each has written. In the more recent concerts at JRHS, many of the songs are very familiar to country music fans because they have been performed by country music’s top artists, and a number have reached No. 1 on various charts.

All of the proceeds from the concerts have gone to support the Buchanan Area Ministerial Association (BAMA) Food Pantry.

There’s change in the air, though. Ramsey will have an announcement at this year’s concert about what’s coming when they hold their 2019 show, and the impact he hopes it will have on the community.

Ramsey hinted at something bigger for 2019 during the 2017 Nashville Night, and those…

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