This week, under a magnificent, hurricane-scrubbed sky, the clover meadow at Riner’s Sinkland Farm was filling with Ram 1500 hemis and Priuses with bumper stickers that said, “Eat Local,” “If you can read this, thank a teacher” and “Old Railfans never die, they just lose track”.

Photo by Liz Kirchner
Nearly 200 people filled the barn at Riner’s Sinkland Farms for a town hall meeting held by the Anthony Flaccavento’s campaign, as the farmer-candidate runs for the 9th District Congressional House seat.

Those messages set a tone of diversity and inclusion that wove through the Anthony Flaccavento town hall meeting as nearly 200 people, Auburn High School students, moms and dads with new babies, old people and young filled the wedding barn of Riner’s emblematic agro tourism spot greeting each other under the bunting-draped rafters and a glass bottle chandelier.


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