Pocahontas County High School seniors Taylor Tegtmeyer, left, and Jordan Nutter, give a presentation on a project they did in the new engineering and robotics class at the high school. The students were asked to create a plan to best utilize the lower parking lot at the football field. Tegtmeyer’s plan was selected the winner in the class’s friendly competition. S. Stewart photo

Suzanne Stewart
Staff Writer

With just a month of school under their belts, several Pocahontas County High School students had new ideas and projects to share with the Pocahontas County Board of Education at its meeting Monday evening at the Linwood Community Library.

Seniors Taylor Tegtmeyer and Jordan Nutter gave a presentation on a recent project they worked on in the new engineering and robotics class taught by Laurel Dilley.

The students were given a scenario – measure the lower parking lot at the school and estimate the layout of the lot to best utilize the space.

The students were divided into teams, and the project quickly became a competition, with Tegtmeyer’s solution coming out on top.

The board recently entered an agreement with the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to…

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