Melvin Johnson and Yvonne Anderson staff the Martinsville office of STEP’s re-entry and homelessness services.

The new office in Martinsville is located next door to Grace Network on one side and United Way’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) site on the other. All three are located in the building which houses Lester Home Center.

STEP’s re-entry services (for citizens returning from incarceration) and homelessness services are offered through this department. While the office is located in Martinsville, STEP offers these services in Franklin, Patrick and Henry counties as well.

“We are excited about this move because it helps us offer holistic services to our clients in partnership with our neighbors,” said STEP Executive Director Marc Crouse.  “Our clients who have need of more extensive services than we can offer may be able to find help at Grace Network and United Way, and vice-versa. It is great synergy.”

Grace Network is a faith-based nonprofit with resources for people in crisis, including financial assistance, a food pantry, mentoring, and referrals. United Way’s VITA site helps low-income tax payers file their returns. Crouse…

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