The VAWA STOP funds were awarded by DJCS as authorized by Gov. Jim Justice. AWA STOP funds are made available to states from the federal funding with the goal of developing and strengthening effective responses to sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking.

Family Refuge Center is the lead applicant on the grant, and through a partnership with a law enforcement agency and the county’s prosecutor’s office, Family Refuge Center creates a STOP team. The role of the STOP team is to develop and review protocols to respond to the above listed crimes. This is the 30th year that FRC has been successful in obtaining VAWA STOP funds.

Kenosha Davenport, executive director for FRC, states that this is one of the most rewarding grant opportunities to write for because FRC can give back to the community through funding. While the grant award for Greenbrier County is $48,450, the funds are allocated to the core members of the STOP team.

The allocations are as follows: $16,838 goes to the Greenbrier County Prosecutor’s Office and $12,047 is allocated for Greenbrier County Sheriff’s Department to fund a portion of a deputy’s salary and $19,565 is allocated to…

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