Among those nine, one expressed interest in operating an emergency room, contingent on an estimated annual $2.2 million subsidy from the county; another wants to help, but is unsure whether that would be in a direct, indirect or advisory capacity; one is interesting in a purchase for a reasonable price; another is interested in a partnership, but noted the price is too high, the document showed. Another hospital system is interested, but the level of interest was not noted.

Others either stated they have no interest, have not returned calls or said the project is outside their coverage area, documents showed.

Lock Boyce, chairman of the Patrick County Board of Supervisors, said the information requested by state officials spanned four areas: potential operators, contacts between the locality and anyone regarding the hospital situation, a fair evaluation of the hospital real estate, a retrospective and a prospective financial statement.

Between September and December, 2017, the county paid $89,063.53 for upkeep of the former hospital, according to documents submitted to state officials. The total included the costs of electric bills, a consultant, maintenance…

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