There are different ticks that are carriers for Lyme disease but in our area, it is the blacklegged tick, commonly known as the deer tick, that causes infection. Deer ticks are found in grassy or woodland areas and prefer areas where moisture is present. Above, ticks are quite small, as shown in comparison to a dime.

Lyme disease has seen a dramatic increase across the state of West Virginia in recent years. According to data from the Department of Health and Human Resources, there were 97 reported cases of Lyme disease for the state just six years ago in 2012. By the end of 2017, that number had increased to a startling 748 cases. The state is seeing most increases in the Northern and Eastern panhandles. However, according to Pocahontas Memorial Hospital officials and the Pocahontas County Health Department, Lyme disease is also increasing here in our own county.

Only one confirmed case of Lyme disease in Pocahontas County is on the state record for a 14- year stretch from 2000-2014. To date for the year 2018, however, 10 cases of suspected Lyme disease have been investigated in the county. Of these, eight cases met the “case definition”…

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