Anna was nominated by her niece Lisa Brown.  She was born in Clay County in 1925 which makes her 93 years old. She was the daughter of Alma and Samuel Moore. She attended grade school at Crosby Grade School of Lizemore and Bickmore Middle School, and graduated from Clay High School in 1957.

She moved to South Carolina where she met and married Earl Gaskins in 1961.  She moved back to Clay County in 1992 after the death of her husband and resides in the same house she was born in 93 years ago. She had one daughter, Sharon, who had down syndrome and  passed away at age 65, in 2016. Sharon was her whole life. Anna attends Laurel Fork Baptist Church of Lizemore.

Anna’s mother, Alma Moore, was crowned our Apple Belle in 1982. Anna is a very special lady and very deserving of this honor. Congratulations Anna!

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